Welcome to the Strange Worlds of Jaleta Clegg

The Fall of the Altairan Empire series

Thousands of worlds, trillions of citizens—

One woman's destiny will destroy them all.

New release! The Genesis of Madame Yosefie out now!

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Other novels

Steampunk fairies, magic and monsters, the Winterqueen series has it all. 

Dark Dancer - Sabrina holds the future of the Seligh lands in her hands.

Winterqueen's War is currently being written.

The Shadow Nothings: Blue Mage Chronicles Book 1 - in edits

The WorldGate Chronicles are in plotting stages

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Short Story Collections

*NEW! Llama Tell You a Story... - fifteen tales featuring non-human characters

Soul Windows -  science fiction and fantasy

Brain Candy - silly and not-so-silly horror

Autumn Visions - four haunting tales

Most available as audiobooks!

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